September Expedition...all systems GO...

Osteopaths form the UK will be joining regional volunteers in Kenya, this month. The team will spend one week in Nairobi, Kenya's capital, holding mobile treatment clinics in various locations within the slums and private charity hospitals. The main focus will be offering free medical and osteopathic care to children and women. Phase two of the expedition takes the team north of Nairobi to the arid dessert country to answer the call of the Pokot tribe who are desperate for help. We will be facilitating and setting up a small education project for girls and a maternity care house.

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Touching down in Nairobi, eight GOsC Registered UK Osteopaths arrived, ready to provide much needed medical care and food to thousands of children and women living in poverty in Kenya. Osteopaths; Claire Macdonald, Clem Rhein, Sarah Coutts, Laura Stott, Sebastian Tucker and final year Osteopathy students Miranda Redfern and Sophie Esplin-Jones from the BSO joined Osteopath Nav Matharu and her Kenyan team for a medical expedition that would take the team to the slums, the rural areas and out into the dessert on a mission to provide first line medical care to children and women.

The Expedition started with work in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya where children and women were treated. One of the most moving parts of working in the slums was treating some 235 orphaned kids from the Mama Tunza Orphanage. Most of these kids suffered shock after kenya's election violence. The children, who live in a cramped, dark orphanage in kibera were so happy with the teams visit that they prepared a special song and dance presentation to say thankyou. It was inspiring to see children, who have experienced so much harsh adversity still maintain hope and love in their hearts.

Pictured: Mama Tunza and Tunza Teacher with Divinity Foundations Nav Matharu and UK Volunteers Claire Macdonald, Sarah Coutts, Clem Rhein, Miranda Redfern and Sophie Esplin-Jones
After a week of holding free medical camps in Kenya's Capital, Nairobi. The team left for the neighbouring town of Makindu to hold a Free Medical Camp at the Guru Nanak Hospital Makindu. The team recieved a great warm welcome from the Makindu Sikh Temple.
The Whole Makindu Medical Camp Team
Lawrence Andika, Tarsem & Polly Devgun, Shamira Cheppy, Sophie Jones, Miranda Refern, Sebastian Tucker, Sarah Coutts,
Clem Rhein, Laura Stott, Claire Macdonald, Simran Marwa and Nav Matharu
The most challenging part of the trip, took the team 8hours north of Nairobi to Pokot, the arid dessert region of Kenya. Where the pokot tribe waited for the arrival of the team. While there the team contended with extreme heat to set up treatment areas under shades of trees to treat an estimated 500 women and children per day. Over the three days of free medical camps in Pokot, we administered medical help to an estimated 1500 children and women and distributed 9 tons of Corn to families.
The Whole Pokot team....pictured after a long day at work
While in Pokot, the team also met with the District Commisioner of the area who is keen to donate 20 acres of land for the foundation to build much needed community projects for the pokot tribe. It is a task that will require support from like minded individuals. Please check back our website for more on Project Pokot, where we will outline our projects and the kind of manpower and finacial support we need to make it happen!
Divinity Foundation Medical Team pictured with the District Commisioner of East Pokot
The shade of a tree, meters of rope and sheets can in no time, transform a desolate area into a make shift clinic. Ready to treat and administer medications to an estimated 500 people a day. All it takes is a little vision and great team work to make it happen. We were very fortunate to have an amazing team of Osteopaths who worked tirelessly with dedication long into the evening, never once complaining and always ready to help. They were a shinning example of humanitarians in action. They were the team, with assistance from the Kenyan officers Lawrence Andika, Shamira Cheppy, Simran Marwa, Yusuf Losute, Nav Matharu with the support of numerous volunteers and the Marwa, Devgun and Rughani families...who made it happen.
Discussions in progress at the Pokot Clinic, under the shade of trees
Thank-You to all those who supported this expedition, with your prayers, manpower and financial support. On behalf of the children and women of Kenya that we were able to reach.
Special thanks go to the following for their support and great help!
Atul Shah
Sailesh Datani
Tarsem & Polly Devgun
Rajesh & Naina Rughani