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Each month in Kenya there are hundreds of young girls who are forced to undergo a barbaric rite of passage known as female genital mutilation (FGM).  The young girls are held down by women while a tribe elder uses a razor blade to cut off  external genitalia




Meet our Kenya team. Dedicated proffessionals who devote their time to spread HOPE.  Read More...

UK Team Success

UK Osteopaths along with regional volunteers in Kenya, delivered much needed medical care and food to an estimated 8000 children and women.   Read More...

Kenya Osteopathy


Osteopathy, the natural solution for your Health and Wellbeing. BOOK a private appointment with Nav TODAY!  Read More...

Volunteer Today!


Volunteer in Kenya today.....HUMANITY NEEDS YOU!! . 

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    Mohamed lost count of how many people he had killed when a commander's wife persuaded him to escape.