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The Divinity Foundation is a private Humanitarian foundation aimed at protecting the rights of and providing support to children who are; abandoned, orphaned or victims of civil war or poverty, through its “Angels” programmes. Our goal is to empower children to be future Ambassadors of Global Peace.  A sub-aim of the foundation is to provide Humanitarian Aid assistance where it can during a crisis. We strongly believe that Children are our Hope for a brighter and more loving future. They are the leaders, policy makers, doctors and educators of tomorrow. Therefore, every child deserves to receive nurturing care and support in order to blossom into beacons of Compassion, Hope and Service.  



The foundation objective is to set up its “Angel” projects in selected regions of the world for children to provide;

 ·        Nurturing Homes in safe environments

·        Provide Basic literacy education and vocational training

·        Provide Holistic and Music Therapy to child victims of Trauma

·        Provide Humanitarian Aid Assistance during a crisis when it can   



 The Divinity Foundation is a private non-profit Humanitarian foundation whose aim is to reach out to provide support to;

 ·        Orphaned or Abandoned Children

·        Impoverished Children affected by civil war or natural disaster 

The Foundation aims to carry out its work; 

·        Through the voluntary contributions of like minded individuals, who share our ethos of “Global Empowerment through Hope, Humanity, Healing”

·        Through volunteer practitioners, educators, musicians and professionals

·        By pooling resources and working with partner organisations and NGO’s

·        Through Awareness and Fundraising activities