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The Divinity Foundation was founded by Nav Matharu an Osteopathic Practitioner from the UK in 2008 with the support of her family and friends. The first trip of "HOPE" under the banner of Divinity Foundation to Kenya took place in 2008 when thousands of people were in desperate need of care following Kenya's election violence. 


Joe Matheny was one of the early supporters and founders of the Divinity Foundation who resigned from office in 2010.  Joe is extremely thankful for the experience and the profound impact its had on his life and wishes the foundation great success as it continues to open it wings of Hope.




Osteopathic Practitioner, Nav Matharu, was born in Kenya, raised in the UK and studied in the USA. Nav comes from a background of media, performing arts, travel and healthcare with a love for culture, Arts and natural healthcare. She uses her organisational and communication skills coupled with experience in research and project development to formulate sustainable health and education projects for impoverished communities.

In 2005, Nav began working with NGO Carehighway on their medical projects and was soon promoted within the organisation as a project developer and UK Secretary. In 2007, on the dawn of the Kenyan Election Violence, shocked by the images on the news. Nav knew it was not a time to sit comfortable in the UK, but a time when she needed to physically be part of the humanitarian efforts to help over 500,000 IDP's in Kenya. Soon, Nav and Joe were on a flight to Kenya under the banner of the Divinity Foundation on a one week Mission that would deliver survival packs and the message of hope to 40,000 IDP's in Nairobi. Nav realises that the only way forward in ensuring global peace for the next generation is by investing care and compassion it the children of today, thus, children became the focus for Divinity Foundation's Humanitarian work.  As part of her awareness programme, Nav delivers seminars on global health issues such as;

·        FGM practices and the effects thereof on women’s health

·        Global crisis of street children in regions of the world

While many search for their purpose in life, Nav has known that hers has always been to help and empower people and her greatest joy comes in nurturing and supporting children in reaching out to grasp their dreams and lift themselves up from a life of poverty. She remarks "many times we come across children in ill health, or mothers helpless and clasping on to their sick child and its heart breaking. At those moments my tears won't help the situation, its usually my focused determination as a human and clinician that are of most value. A hug and a smile is also the biggest tool given to us, which help us break down language and cultural barriers and enables us to show empathy and humanity"

Currently Nav runs a successful Osteopathic Clinic in the United Kingdom and sub-practice in Kenya, offering natural solutions for health and wellbeing to patients young and old. She is also Secretary of the Birmingham Osteopaths Network and Education Society. A role while helps her to connect with and learn with her peers in being able to offer better treatment approaches and programs for patient care. Nav is the core of Divinity Foundation, researching and designing projects, recruiting volunteers, springboarding awareness campaigns and organising music concerts aimed at keeping alive the dream of Delivering Hope, Health and Humanity through awareness and fundraising. She stresses "without my "A" team officers we could not achieve our mission, we are all like a fingers on a hand, solo we can only scratch our heads, together we can can build, embrace, write, feed and achieve so much more.."

Nav and her dedicated team welcome anyone who would like to volunteer or sponsor the work of Divinity Foundation. We believe that commitment to nurture others through humanitarian work, is a team effort, where like minded individuals and groups need to work together for the greater good. So, if you would like to join our family and want to give without expecting something in return, contact us today.

2010 marks the start of a period of change and fast evolution of the Divinity Foundation, with many new faces, global offices and a wider reach of projects helping communities in great need.

This is the Vision....its simple, but the best things are always simple. To empower through Hope, Humanity, Healing.