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Divinity Foundation is proud to announce its partnership programme with the Osteopathic School Germany (OSD) which provides students with a solid and high standard of  training in Osteopathy. The college trains trains students pursuing Osteopathy as well as medically qualified doctors who wish to specialise in an MSc Paediatric Osteopathy.

The OSD’s mission and intention is to provide;

  • A high level of training in osteopathy and all its aspects to students. This applies particularly to the mode of instruction, the length of course and the learning experiences offered. Particularly to train and provide reliable and competent osteopaths.  
  • Study programs offered, based on the philosophy of the founder of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still and include all major aspects of osteopathy as a science and as a healing art. At the same time to embrace recent scientific findings and points of view and integrated new paths in Osteopathy.
  • Students with the necessary knowledge to practice osteopathy and the necessary skills.  The college will also promote student individuality and personal access to osteopathy.
  • To ensure a balance between theory and practice and encourage students to think critically in applying the theory in practice.  
  • To achieve among students with a high ethical standard in the practice of osteopathy.


Through this unique partnership programme, students of the OSD will be embarking on travels to Africa to volunteer their skills as doctors and osteopaths. Volunteers from OSD will share and learn with others while in Kenya.

Operations Director Nav Matharu commented " we are very pleased with this exciting new partnership that will provide our projects in Kenya with some of the top Osteopaths and Doctors from Europe. Under the guidance of principle Cristian Raab, we are confident that this will be a mutually beneficial partnership with healthcare proffessionals who are passionate about humanitarian work. The OSD is one of the first colleges to bring Osteopathy to the humanitarian sector through this unique partnership and thats very exciting!"