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Be the Voice for the Unheard


  Do you have great communication skills? 

Do you love to talk to people about something you’re really passionate about? 

Are you passionate about Humanitarian issues? 

Do you have some time to spare and would love to volunteer?  Well, in that case you’re the perfect person to focus that skill into visiting community groups, schools, colleges and work places to help advocate for us. With your skill you can passionately tell people about our Angle Projects, the children we hope to help and how people can be a powerful part of delivering that help.

Your passion for speaking can actually help give a voice to the many orphaned, abandoned or impoverished children desperate for Hope, Help and a warm heart. 

Contact us today, to register as one of our Advocates. Then let local groups know you’d love to give them a presentation on Humanitarian Aid. The more passionate you are about talking to people, the greater the number of people who will be interested in getting involved and making a difference to the life of someone needing a sign of Hope and needing to know that a friend is ready to help them.

Advocates are champions of any cause. They can connect with people and add that personal touch. So, organise a community coffee morning and sit down and chat with those who want to know how they can help.