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It’s a great partnership, when you can do something beautiful globally to help the lives of those in need. This can also be positive marketing for your company which will be seen as an investor in people. In a world, fast developing in technology and green issues, we find that more and more individuals and company’s realise the value of giving back to society and helping someone. 

Rev Jesse Jackson once said “never look down upon someone, unless you’re helping them up” 

Today, we ask you, as a business to help someone stand up again by investing in them. As a business you can; 

·        Make a pledge to support our work

·        Make a pledge to donate a designated percentage of your profit annually to support our work

·        Display our posters at offices, shops and work-places to advocate for us 



Global Supporting Businesses Angels

* PDT (Print Design Team)

PDT is a company based in Birmingham, UK was founded by Mr Paul Duke-Thomas. Paul has years of experience in the design and printing industry. The PDT team offer a bespoke design and printing service to clients ranging from individuals, small community groups, large companies, media and healthcare companies. So, if you need that personal touch with class at a price that's right, PDT are the company to get it done just RIGHT!

As a way of supporting our work, PDT carries out all design and prinitng work for Divinity Foundation for FREE!!

PDT (Print Design Team), Westfield House, Helena Street, Birmingham, UK  . TEL: +44 121- 233 4919.  FAX: +44 121 - 233 4925

*Holistic Oasis Clinic

Holistic Oasis Clinic is the Osteopathic and Holistic treatment centre of Osteopath, Nav Matharu. Holistic Oasis donates £1 from every treatment towards Divinity Foundation Projects. Patients feel positive, that by putting their health needs first, they are also helping to provide basic healthcare to children supported by the foundation. www.holisticoasis.co.uk