Team Kenya


Our Kenyan team are all dedicated proffesionals with a passion to reach out and empower the young lives and the impoverished in their beautiful country. Kenya is an oasis of beautiful scenery, of nature in harmony with life, of wild animals. It is the destination of holiday makers wishing to experience the thrill of a safari holiday or who simply want to chill out on the white sandy beaches of its shores. A different reality rests behind the tourist face of Kenya, that of high poverity, of children living on streets, sniffing glue to numb the hunger and pain of life. There is so much beauty in Kenya but there is also so much poverty in Kenya and we believe it takes a lot of HOPE and Compassion to balance the two..somehow.

"Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children" ~  H.R.H. Princess Diana




Rajesh Rughani, Chairman of Kenya Divinity Foundation

Rajesh Rughani is a well known personality in the Kenyan Business circle being part of the Text Book Centre and Sarit Centre empire and running Simpsons Properties Investments. Rajesh has a keen interest in documenting and preserving kenyan history and planting seeds of hope, spirituality and compassion in all he meets. He is a keen supporter of empowering young lives through education and compassion. As Chairman of Divinity Foundation he networks with local business, handles negotiations and key decisions of the foundation.


Nav Matharu, Secretary of Kenya Divinity Foundation

Nav holds position as the foundation's Kenya secretary on the board dealing with policy making and managing its operations in Kenya




 Catherine Soma, Treasurer of Kenya Divinity Foundation

Catherine is a chartered accountant with years of experience in handling finances. Her passion for helping children and mothers in need in Kenya drive her to ensure that the foundation manages all finances efficiently, enabling it to carry out its work serving the maximum amount of children and mothers it can. Catherine has been with the SOMA group as the Senior Accounting Manager and handles all issues to do with accounting, handling of trusts and financial contracts with other organisations and companies.