In the United Kingdom, Divinity Foundation is registered as a Community Interest Company, registration number 7326072. It supports "green" products and like minded C.I.C.'s that support and invest in community projects to help groups that would otherwise struggle. The UK office is also the second base of Divinity's global office. Our UK team are all highly qualified proffessionals that bring years of experience coupled with an interest to help impoverished children.



Nav Matharu, Osteopath - Director

Nav is the founder and global operations director of Divinity Foundation. She is also director of the UK office. She runs a private practice as an Osteopathic Practitioner and spends much of her time recruiting volunteers, speaking infront of audiences, fundraising and ofcourse being active hands on in Kenya, enthusiastically leading medical expedition teams.



Ravi Matharu - Secretary

Ravi comes from a background of education with over 40years of experience working with and educating children. She understands the educational needs of children especially those with learning difficulties or physically challenged. Her focus and passion is ensuring children recieve the educational training they deserve in order to stand independently as adults in the future.




Kawaldeep Marwa - Treasurer

Kawaldeep is an ACCA qualified accountant with over 14years of experience managing finances. Being Kenyan born he is passionate about giving something back to his country. A keen hockey player, he believes that all children should have access to sports which teach them about team work while allowing them to be children and play.




Osteopathic Services - Poora Sohal, Osteopath         

Poora is a GOsC registrered Osteopath who has years of experience working in the field. He is currently the Osteopathy for the PGA travelling during golf tournaments to treat proffesional golf players and an Osteopath for the Birmingham Blues F.C. He runs a successful medical practice in the City of Birmingham.

Fundraising - Juggy Rihal         

Juggy is a world reknown percussionist who has formed his unique project introducing youngsters to percussion and dance. His "Masterclass" dhol players are active fundraisers for the foundation, reaching out with the beat of their drums to generate money that will keep the heart beats of impoverished youngsters we serve through our medical aid projects beating strong.

Child Education and Welfare - Ravi Matharu          

Ravi brings over 40years of experience in education to help design education tools and projects to implement in Africa. She also advises and monitors childrens needs and welfare on projects.

Administration - Amy Sohal        

Administration matters, be it sending out information, booking talks and managing applications, expedition paperwork etc are handled by Amy, a dedicated mother of two who believes every child deserves a safe environment to grow up in.

Logistics & Project Developement - Gurdeep Singh        

Gurdeep brings to the table years of experience in business management, project developement and construction. From structural needs of a building right to health and safety considerations to logistics consideration, comes under his forte.

IT Marketing and Presence - Jazz Loyal         

Jazz is CEO of Esurg Enterprises and handles all matters related with website, IT marketing and presence.


Special Kudos

*Our Printing and Design is handled by the Print Design Team a Birmingham based company founded by Paul Dukes Thomas

*We thank Mr Jas Wouhra of East End Foods for always supporting our Medical Expeditions to Kenya

*We thank Mr Gurbinder Kalsi for always supporting our Medical Expeditions to Kenya

*We thank Masterclass Dhol Players for always supporting our Medical Expeditions to Kenya