Support "HOPE"


Kenya is at an hour of Crisis.

People are in desperation and praying for Help,

Peace and Hope. Will you choose to help them,

or will you choose to turn your back on them?


On December 27th 2007, political demonstrations erupted after results of the Kenyan Elections were announced. There were widespread stories of electoral rigging. In a bid to re-count votes, the opposition leader, Raila Odinga called for a peaceful protest march by supporters of his Orange Democratic Movement. Tensions soon rose to boiling point, as the political tension now developed into tribal clashes and some of the most horrendous acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide. 

So, what’s at the root of the tribal tension?Tribal clashes began many many years ago, when two of the largest tribes in Kenya, the Kikuyu and the Luos fought over land issues. When Kenya gained its independence, President Jomo Kenyatta came into power and forged ahead with building a united Kenya, where Kenya belonged to its people. Since then many cultures and tribes have co-existed happily.Recent political events have once again stirred up old tribal issues as the current president is from the Kikuyu tribe and the opposition leader is from the Luo tribe. These issues perhaps have been bubbling away silently for years and have finally erupted into a full blown tribal volcano. 

While political leaders assisted by global representatives, negotiate a political solution. The tribal clashes has left an estimated 360,000 people displaced with countless numbers killed. The figure continues to grow as Humanitarian Aid agencies try their utmost best to cope with the crisis in Kenya. Many forecast that it will take Kenya years to recover from the damage of recent clashes.

The immediate needs are in providing displaced families with basic essentials, such as food, water and shelter. The long term needs are in reuniting children who were separated from their families while fleeing from tribal gangs, offering medical assistance to those who have been traumatised and suffering shock, helping families rebuilt homes, set up their road side kiosks and restoring Peace and Hope to a land that for years has been the hub of tourism; famous for exotic safari’s and romantic African sunsets.  

We realise that while the situation in Kenya is currently volatile and dangerous to work in. We have started preparations to organise resources which can be put into action at the right time. The project to help the current Kenya crisis is now named “Mission Hope to Kenya” and has been broken down into three phases;

 ·        Phase One:                    Helping immediate needs of Displaced Families by providing Survival Aid boxes. Each box will be designed to help a family of 4 for a month.

·        Phase Two:                    Helping to treat women and children who have suffered shock and trauma during the Kenyan Crisis by supplying a team of highly qualified practitioners. 

·        Phase Three:   Providing care for some of the children who have been orphaned  

On Monday 4th February 2008, Divinity Foundation launched its two month poster campaign “What does £10 mean to you?”. £10 will provide a family of four with an emergency essentials pack that will include food items, sanitary items, kitchen items, blanket and plastic shelter. The Foundation set a goal of putting together 400 boxes, to help 400 families at a cost of £4000. This initiative will help an estimated 1600 people.

Though, a grain of sand in a sea of 360,000 displaced people. We believe that if you are able to help just one person today, that’s one more than yesterday.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, but when it starts to happen, it gathers momentum and energy.

At the end of March 2008, Divinity Foundation founders will travel to Kenya to put together emergency packs and distributing them to families in desperate need. Since the launch of the Poster Campaign which is whole heartedly being supported by RMC a Music Charity based in the UK. Many individuals, groups and companies have pledged to support the campaign to deliver “Hope to Kenya”.

Please visit our “Supporting Angels” page to learn more.Be a part of this initiative TODAY, and help deliver the message of HOPE to Kenya.