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The Inspiration for 400 Boxes

 400 Boxes...taking an Idea from Birmingham to Kenya


"Nav Matharu with friends, at Birmingham Basket Brigade"


On 23rd December 2007, Divinity's Nav Matharu volunteered with a local motivational group called the Birmingham YES Group. The day was focused on willing volunteers coming together to help pack 400 christmas food hampers that would feed 400 marginalised families in the City of Birmingham, UK on chirstmas day. The event is held annually and is called the "Basket Brigade", an idea started by motivational speaker Anthony Robbins in the USA.

The atmosphere was buzzing, as volunteers gathered and managed to pack 400 boxes in a matter of two and a half hours, followed by a nice sit down chat over a hot lunch. Nav Matharu, left that day in awe, realising that by donating three hours of her time on a saturday morning, she was part of something that would be helping 1600 people that christmas.

A week later, the news was full with stories about the tribal clashes in Kenya and how people were fleeing their homes. Nav knew she had to do something to help people in Kenya but what? Then the penny dropped, and Nav knew that a very special Kenyan Humanitarian Basket Brigade was called for. She discussed the idea with friends and then with co-founder Joe Matheny. Mission HOPE to Kenya was born, and the simple idea of the Birmingham Basket Brigade was now in the throngs of preparation to be delivered in Kenya.

Since the start of the poster campaign for Mission HOPE to Kenya, up to date we have now raised £1600, half way to our target of raising £4000. Our volunteers in Kenya are getting ready to share their energy and message of HOPE with the displaced persons in Nairobi.

The response has been phenominal as individuals, groups and companies are now hearing about this very special Mission and are getting involved. Are you inspired today to get involved and help propel this simple gesture to help energise and lift the people of Kenya? If someday, you are asked, what you did when you heard about the men, women and children who had suffered horrendous acts of violence.....what will your reply be?

Support the message of HOPE....and help us deliver that message at the end of March 2008.

You can make a difference TODAY!

So why wait for tomorrow?

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