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Divinity Foundation Medical Aid 

Impoverished communities the world over are deprived of basic healthcare. They are deprived of simple drugs for simple infections and as a result, many die of conditions that can be easily treated. Our medical projects are simple and basic but meet the needs of those we aim to help.

 Many children living in unsanitary conditions in the slums suffer from a fungal infection known as ringworm, which is usually present in children with a challanged immune system due to HIV / AIDS. A simple dose of antifungal and multivitams is usually all that is needed to treat. Many children also suffer with threadworms and tapeworms which inhibit what little food they do eat from nourishing the body. As a result, many children suffer with deteriorating health, starvation despite eating food leading to weakness, fatigue, poor health and in many cases death. It costs 50p / 75cents to de-worm a child. 

In the bush lands, girls as young as 13yrs old are dying while trying to give birth. It costs just £5 / $8 for a girl to have essential c-section surgery and 50p / 75cents for each night of post-surgical hospital care. A mere £10 / $15 ensures that a girl can deliver a baby safely in a hospital instead of struggling for days in the bush resulting in the death of mother or baby from trauma and haemorrhaging.  

Children in slum areas suffer from chest infections, which left untreated compromise the lungs and start to starve the body of oxygen levels. In many cases the infection spreads to other parts of the body. A mere £1 / $1.75 will buy a single course of antibiotics for a child to treat a simple infection from becoming life threatening. 

We believe in ensuring that orphaned, abandoned and impoverished children and mothers receive the basic healthcare that can make the difference between life and death. With your help and support we can ensure that these projects are kept alive and provide an essential free service which should be the human right of every person, young or old, rich or poor.  

Medical Outreach Camps in Kenya

Each year large teams of volunteer osteopaths, nurses, doctors, educators and students get together twice a year to run two weeks of free mobile medical camps which sees the team working in the slums, in city charity hospitals, orphanages and in rural bush lands under the shades of trees.  During the camps free checkups, treatment and basic medicines are supplied. A two week programme costs us £5000 / $8000 An estimated 4000 children and mothers are treated for FREE during each two week camp.  

Currently our medical out-reach camps in Kenya are held during the months of April and October.Children are primarily treated by osteopathic treatment and first response medications are used to treat conditions such as: Ringworm, chest infections, dehydration, eye infections and malaria. 

This project is named “Healing Angels” in honour of all the volunteers from Europe and USA that make the medical out-reach programme possible through volunteering their time and skills to help impoverished people.  

Desert Maternity Care in Kenya

The practice of Female Circumcision is carried out in many cultures in sub-Sahara and the Middle East. While this practice is illegal in Kenya, there are still remote tribes that practice the rite of passage ritual on girls at the age of 10yrs. Many of these young girls are uneducated and unaware of their rights. Many of these girls will get married and are pregnant at the age of 13yrs.

Circumcision causes real problems for a young girl, trying to deliver a baby through an opening only big enough for a pencil. These girls will struggle for days in the bush trying to deliver babies and either have to be re-cut or will suffer from fistulas. Many die of haemorrhaging and deliver still born babies due to birth trauma. Surgical c-section delivery can help these girls have a safe birthing experience; however these tribes do not have the money for hospital care. £10 / $15 will pay for a girl to have c-section surgery with essential post-surgery care. Our maternity care project found its wings this year and finances c-section surgery with post-operative care for 10 girls each month at a cost of £100 which in no way is enough to support all the girls who require hospital care.

Rehabilitation Care for impoverished in India   (Details to follow, please check page later)